Car Electronic Key Case

Product Description:

Car electronic key case is made of premium TPU plastic and alumina, durable to use. It is soft and trending looking. It has strong color fastness with triple electroplating. Pretty durable.Easily to open and easily to closed because it has a magnet inside the key case. Do not be afraid of damaging your key because the key case is soft and flexible. Buttons aligned and easy to press. Really wise investment for protecting your expensive electronic key. Texture soft and comfortable in hand, looks great fits your car key like a glove. It can prevent the CAR KEY from breakage, anti-scratch, anti-fall, anti-shock and anti-dust.

Application: The Car Electronic Key Case is suitable for Audi car Keys.

Note: Our factory has CNC machines,molding machines,injection molding machines and so on,so we can make kinds of Car electronic key cases is according to customers’design and demands.