44MM Apple Watch Case

Product description:

Apple watch case is 44MM, the watch case was made from premium aluminum and TPU plastic, outside is tough premium aluminum with silver color by oxidation surface treatment, inside is soft plastic with milky color, it is better to protect Apple watch.Very simple and aesthetic apprearance. In the market, most of watch cases were only made from plastic or metal,they are too soft or rigid and can not protect watch case, especially metal watch case,it is easy to scratch watch.even if some factories make them like us using plastic and aluminum, but their watch case’s plastic and aluminum are very easy to separate,but our watch case is very tough,  can not separate them each other. This is why we are the only one who offers apple watch cases for USA X- Doria company.

Product details:

44MM Apple Watch Case

Size of watch case:42MM*48.2MM

Weight of watch case: 3.7g

Color of watch case: silver and milky

Application: The Apple watch case is suitable for Apple watch 4.